Zendesk Component
Zendesk Connector

Quickly integrate your B2B software product with Zendesk.

About the Zendesk Connector

Manage Tickets and users in Zendesk


Connector Actions

Action NameAction Description
Create TicketCreate a new ticket
Delete TicketDelete the information and metadata of a ticket by Id
Get Ticket By External IDGet a ticket by external ID
List TicketsList all Tickets
List Tickets Requested By UserList all of the tickets that a particular user has requested
List Tickets Assigned To UserList all of the tickets that have been assigned to a particular user
Show TicketGet the information and metadata of a ticket by Id
Update TicketUpdate the information and metadata of a ticket by Id
Create UserCreate a new user
Delete UserDelete the information and metadata of a user by Id
List UsersList all Users
Search UsersReturns an array of users who meet the search criteria.
Show UserGet the information and metadata of a user by Id
Update UserUpdate the information and metadata of a user by Id
Raw RequestSend raw HTTP request to Zendesk
Create Webhook TriggerCreate a trigger to cause a webhook to fire
List TriggersList workflow triggers
Create WebhookCreate a webhook in Zendesk to notify you of changes to your users, organization, or tickets
Delete Instance WebhooksDelete all webhooks pointed at this instance
Delete WebhookDelete a webhook by ID
List WebhooksList webhooks configured in Zendesk

Connector Triggers

Trigger NameTrigger Description
WebhookReceive and validate webhook requests from Zendesk for webhooks you configure.

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Intuitive Integration Designer

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Pre-Built & Custom Components

Use built-in API connectors or code your own custom components for any third-party system.

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Embedded Integration Marketplace

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Integration Deployment & Support

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Purpose-Built Infrastructure

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Built In A Way Devs Love

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Chris Rallis

Director of Software at Raven Industries

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