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Text Manipulation Component

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About the Text Manipulation Component

The text manipulation component allows you to perform common operations on some text. For example, you can join two or more text strings together with the join action, find text with the match action, replace strings with other strings within a piece of text with the replace function, and more.


Component Actions

Action NameAction Description
JoinJoin strings together using an optional separator to form a single string.
Lower CaseConvert the input string to lower case
Match RegexMatch a string against a regular expression
Find & ReplaceFind and replace all instances of one substring with another
Extract SubstringExtract a substring from a string
Split StringSplit a string into a list of strings on a separator character
Remove WhitespaceRemove leading and trailing whitespace from a string
Upper CaseConvert the input string to UPPER CASE
Encode Base64Convert the input string to base64 encoding
Decode Base64Convert the input string from base64 encoding

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