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Smart Sheet Connector

Quickly deliver Smart Sheet integrations to your users.

About the Smart Sheet Connector

Smartsheet is a software as a service offering for collaboration and work management, developed and marketed by Smartsheet Inc. This component allows you to manage and interact with a Smartsheet file.


Connector Actions

Action NameAction Description
List SheetsLists sheets in a project.
Search SheetSearches for the specified text in a Sheet.
List ColumnsLists the Columns in the specified Sheet
Add/Update RowAdds or Updates a Row on the specified Sheet
Delete RowDeletes a row on the specified Sheet
Search AllSearches for the specified text in all Sheets the user can access.
Get RowGet all the cells and their values in a given row
Copy RowsCopies multiple rows from the sheet specified in the action to (the bottom of) another sheet.
Get ColumnLists the Columns in the specified Sheet
Delete ColumnDelete a column on the specified Sheet
Get SheetGet the information and metadata of a sheet by ID
Synchronous SearchSearches a Sheet for specified text (may perform worse that SearchSheet depending on dataset)
Create WebhookCreate a new webhook

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