Salesforce Component
Salesforce Connector

Quickly integrate your B2B software product with Salesforce.

About the Salesforce Connector

Query, create, update or delete Salesforce records


Connector Actions

Action NameAction Description
Salesforce QueryRun an SOQL Query Against SalesForce
Create RecordCreate a Salesforce Record
Update RecordUpdates an existing Salesforce Record
Delete RecordDelete an existing Salesforce Record
Delete AccountDelete an existing account record
Add AttachmentAttach a file attachment to an account, opportunity or contact
Upsert RecordUpdates a Salesforce Record if it exists, otherwise creates a new Salesforce Record
Create LeadCreate a Salesforce Lead Record
Delete LeadDelete a Salesforce Lead Record
Create AccountCreate a Salesforce Account Record
Update AccountUpdate an existing account record
Update LeadUpdate a Salesforce Lead Record
Create CustomerCreate a Salesforce customer
Delete CustomerDelete an existing customer record
Update CustomerUpdate an existing customer record
Describe Customer SObjectMetadata description API for Salesforce object.
Get CustomerGets an existing customer record
List CustomersList all customer records
Create ContactCreate a Salesforce contact
Delete ContactDelete an existing contact record
Update ContactUpdate an existing contact record
Create OpportunityCreate a Salesforce Opportunity Record, which is a sale or pending deal
Delete OpportunityDelete an existing opportunity record
Update OpportunityUpdate an existing opportunity record
Find RecordFind a single Salesforce Record
Find RecordsFind and fetch Salesforce Records
Get RecordGet a single Salesforce Record by Id
Create UserCreate a Salesforce User
Update UserUpdate a Salesforce User
Add User Permission SetAdds a Permission Set to the specified User
Remove User Permission SetRemoves a Permission Set from the specified User
Raw RequestSend raw HTTP request to Salesforce
Get Current UserReturn information about the current session's user
Validate ConnectionReturns a boolean value that specifies whether the provided Connection is valid
Get AttachmentGet a file attachment from an account, opportunity or contact
Send Transactional EmailSends a message to a single recipient via Salesforce
List Workflow RulesList all Workflow Rules
Create Workflow RuleCreate a Workflow Rule
Delete Workflow RuleDelete a Workflow Rule
List Workflow Outbound MessagesList all Workflow Outbound Messages
Create Workflow Outbound MessageCreate a Workflow Outbound Message
Delete Workflow Outbound MessageDelete a Workflow Outbound Message
Subscribe to Record ChangeCreate a workflow rule to subscribe to Record Changes in Salesforce.
Create ProfileCreate a Salesforce Profile
Update ProfileUpdate a Salesforce Profile
Delete ProfileDelete a Salesforce Profile
Describe ObjectDescribe attributes of a Salesforce Record Type
Describe PermissionsDescribe permissions of a Salesforce Record Type
Metadata API: Create FieldsCreate custom fields from metadata
Metadata API: Create ObjectsCreate custom objects from metadata
Metadata API: Read Metadata of ObjectGet the metadata of an object by full name
Metadata API: List Object MetadataGet all metadata for all objects (standard and custom)
Bulk Insert RecordsCreates new Salesforce Records
Bulk Upsert RecordsUpdates Salesforce Records if they exists, otherwise creates new Salesforce Records
Get FileRetrieves a file from Salesforce ContentVersion
Upload FileUploads a file to Salesforce ContentVersion
Composite RequestsSend multiple requests in a single HTTP call
List Composite ResourcesGets a list of URIs for other composite resources.
Abort a Bulk Query JobAborts a query job.
Create Bulk Query JobCreates a query job.
Delete A Bulk Query JobDeletes a query job.
Get Information About All Query JobsGets information about all query jobs in the org.
Get Information About a Bulk Query JobGets information about one query job.
Get Results for a Bulk Query JobGets the results for a query job. The job must be in a Job Complete state
Abort a Bulk JobAborts a Job
Complete Upload Bulk JobNotifies Salesforce servers that the upload of job data is complete and is ready for processing. You can’t add any more job data.
Create a Bulk JobCreates a job representing a bulk operation and its associated data that is sent to Salesforce for asynchronous processing.
Delete a Bulk JobDeletes a job.
List Bulk JobsRetrieves all jobs in the org.
Get Bulk Job InfoRetrieves detailed information about a job.
Upload Bulk Job DataUploads data for a job using CSV data you provide.

Connector Triggers

Trigger NameTrigger Description
WebhookTrigger for handling webhook requests from the Salesforce platform. Returns the expected response to Salesforce and converts the XML payload to an object for more convenient use in the rest of the flow.
Workflow Outbound Message WebhookTrigger for handling workflow rule triggers from the Salesforce platform. Creates a Workflow Outbound Message and a Workflow Rule. Returns the expected response to Salesforce and converts the XML payload to an object for more convenient use in the rest of the flow.

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Intuitive Integration Designer

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Pre-Built & Custom Components

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Embedded Integration Marketplace

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Integration Deployment & Support

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Purpose-Built Infrastructure

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Built In A Way Devs Love

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