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Mailchimp Connector

Quickly integrate your B2B software product with Mailchimp.

About the Mailchimp Connector

Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and email marketing service. The Mailchimp component allows you to interact with your mailchimp email campaigns and your e-commerce site.


Connector Actions

Action NameAction Description
PingSend a ping to determine the status of the Mailchimp servers
List CampaignsGet all campaigns in an account
Send CampaignSend a Mailchimp campaign. For RSS Campaigns, the campaign will send according to its schedule. All other campaigns will send immediately.
Get MemberGet information about a specific list member, including a currently subscribed, unsubscribed, or bounced member
Delete MemberDelete all personally identifiable information related to a list member, and remove them from a list. This will make it impossible to re-import the list member
Update MemberUpdate a specific member in a given list
Archive MemberArchive a list member
List MembersGet information about members in a specific Mailchimp list
Add MemberAdd a new member to a list
Delete ListDelete a list from your Mailchimp account
Get Lists InfoGet information about all lists in the account
Add ListCreate a new list in your Mailchimp account
Get ListGet information about a specific list in your Mailchimp account. Results include list members who have signed up but haven't confirmed their subscription yet and unsubscribed or cleaned.
Update ListUpdate the information or metadata of a list
List StoresGet information about all stores in the account
Get CustomerGet information about a store's specific customer
Get ProductGet information about a specific product
Get StoreGet information about a specific store
Add CustomerAdd a new customer to a store
Get CustomerGet information about a store's specific customer
Update CustomerUpdate a specific customer's information
List CustomersGet information about a store's customers
Get CustomerGet information about a store's specific customer
Add ProductsAdd a new product to a store
List ProductsList all products from a store
Update ProductUpdate a product from a store
Delete ProductDelete a product from a store
Add OrderCreate a new order
List OrdersList all the orders in a store
Delete OrderDelete an order
Get OrderGet information about a specific order
List Account OrdersGet information about an account's orders
Delete Order Line ItemDelete an order Line Item
Get Order Line ItemGet an order Line Item
List Order Line ItemsList Order Line items
Delete CartDelete a specific cart
List CartsGet information about a store's carts
Get CartGet information about a specific cart
Delete Cart Line ItemsGet information about a cart's line items.
Get Cart Line ItemGet information about a cart's specific line item
List Cart Line ItemsGet information about a cart's line items.
Create WebhookCreate a new webhook

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