A Powerful Blendr.io Alternative

The embedded iPaaS for B2B software companies. Purpose-built to handle the real-world complexities of building and managing customer integrations.

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Discover why B2B software teams choose Prismatic:

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    Empowers every role
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    Built to handle complexity
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    Custom component SDK
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    Easy embedding
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    Dev-friendly platform

The Embedded Integration Platform for B2B Software Companies

Prismatic is a complete integration solution for B2B software companies. It's the easiest way to build and manage integrations for your customers.

Purpose-Built Infrastructure

Run your integrations in a scalable, secure environment.


Intuitive Integration Designer

Create integrations in a low-code environment tailored for your product.


Pre-Built & Custom Components

Use built-in API connectors or build your own full-fledged custom components.


Integration Deployment & Support

Easily manage customer-specific credentials, setup, and support.


Embeddable Customer Experience

Provide a sleek integration marketplace and self-service tools.


Built In A Way Devs Love

Fit the platform to your product and the way you build software.

With Prismatic, we’re able to deliver integrations in far less time while streamlining our engineering effort. Prismatic has given us the ability to more widely build integrations across our teams. It has also allowed our customer-facing teams to handle customer-specific deployment.
Chris Rallis
Engineering Manager at Raven Industries

Empower every role with exactly what they need

Prismatic empowers everyone involved with integrations:

  • Customers & customer-facing teams get self-service configuration and support tools and an embedded integration marketplace.
  • Integration builders get a low-code designer tailored to work for you.
  • Dev & DevOps get the power to mold the platform to your product and the way you build software.
Image of B2B SaaS team members using an embedded integration platform.
Screenshot of Prismatic low-code integration designer and API connectors.

Handle real-world integration complexity

The real world of integrations is messy.

Sometimes you're building a simple Slack integration - but sometimes you're building a complex ERP integration with multiple flows, non-standard auth, and a flaky API. You need a platform that handles both.

B2B software teams choose Prismatic because it was specifically designed to handle the real-world complexities - so you can build any integration your customers need.

Powerful custom component support

It's common to need a connector to a niche app or a component specific to your product or industry.

Prismatic's powerful custom component SDK enables devs to build full-fledged custom components that contain exactly the code you need. They become part of your component library, so integration builders can drop into them into any integration without dev involvement.

Screenshot of custom component code in a Blendr.io competitor.
Screenshot of Prismatic's embedded integration marketplace.

Easily embed an integration marketplace

Save time and increase stickiness by embedding an integration marketplace in your product. Customers can browse your integration offerings and self-activate the ones they need.

Prismatic provides a modern out-of-the-box UX that you can embed with just a few lines of code and easily theme to match your product.

Dev-friendly at every turn

Devs love Prismatic's fully handled infrastructure, true custom component support, built-in logging, and top-notch docs & tutorials.

Prismatic's CLI and fully-exposed API give you the power to mold the platform to the way you build software - so you can incorporate the platform into your source control system, CI/CD pipeline, and other existing tools and processes.

Screenshot of logging capabilities in the Prismatic integration platform.