Reduce Engineering Effort

Minimize the integration workload on dev and DevOps so you can focus on core product work.

Empower non-engineering teams

Integrations traditionally require a lot of engineering time and effort. That's expensive and slows down core product innovation.

Prismatic empowers your non-engineering teams to take on more of the integration workload than ever before. Non-devs build integrations, deploy them to customers, and provide support - while devs stay focused on core product work.

Illustration of non-engineering teams working on customer integrations at a B2B software company.
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Enable non-devs to build integrations

Intuitive low-code designer

Non-devs build integrations by assembling connectors in Prismatic's intuitive integration designer. Auth and testing are built right in.

Tailored for your product

Devs empower integration builders by writing reusable custom connectors that handle industry-specific logic or niche connectors. Anyone can drop them into integrations to build exactly what your customers need.

Deploy integrations without dev involvement

Integrations built in Prismatic are reusable and configurable. A simple deployment environment makes it easy for customer-facing teams to configure and deploy integrations for individual customers.

Or, empower customers to self-activate integrations with just a few clicks in an embedded integration marketplace that feels like part of your product.

Either way - no dev involvement required.

Screenshot of integration instance executions in an embedded iPaaS platform.

Support tools for customers and customer-facing teams

Engineers don't need to get involved every time there's an integration question or issue in production.

Customer-facing teams provide proactive support and troubleshoot when issues arise using Prismatic's logging, alerting, and full visibility into each customer's integration setup.

Provide these same tools in your integration marketplace so customers can self-serve.

Offload infrastructure work

Skip the hassle of standing up and maintaining infrastructure to run your integrations. With Prismatic, your integrations run in an environment purpose-built for security and scalability, and Prismatic handles maintenance. Done and done.

Illustration representing cloud-based infrastructure for embedded integrations for B2B software companies.