Announcing the Prismatic Private Beta

Announcing the Prismatic Private Beta

Today we're excited to announce the launch of the private beta of Prismatic! Built specifically for B2B software companies, the platform is the easiest way to build, deploy, and support your integrations.

Prismatic was born out of my cofounders' and my fifteen years of experience building and scaling a software company with hundreds of unique integrations. We experienced just how impactful integrations could be for our customers, but we also lived the challenges that made them difficult as a company and sometimes even made them fall short of their potential. We saw it first hand – as founders, developers, engineering managers, product owners, customer escalation points, sales leaders, and executives – and are passionate about helping.

Over the last year since starting Prismatic, we've had countless conversations with people that share many of the same experiences and challenges. We've learned a lot about different facets of the problem, and have learned just how universal the issues really are.

Our growing team has been busy building, and we're excited to take this next big step in getting it into people's hands.

Introducing Prismatic

The Prismatic platform is the result of our experience and the result of the many insights of software teams that we've been fortunate to talk and work with throughout this process. It's an expansive platform, but can be summarized with three important tenets: it's a complete toolkit, it's a solution for your whole organization, and it has been built from the ground up to be developer friendly.


A complete toolkit

Prismatic is a complete integration toolkit for B2B software companies and provides everything you need to build, deploy, and support your integrations. Build your integrations with the integration designer using our robust component catalog and custom components. Handle customer-specific configuration and versioning and manage all the complexities of deployment using customer deployment management. Rely on built-in logging, monitoring, and alerting for everything from debugging to support. And do it on a platform that requires you to set up and manage no infrastructure.

Solution for your whole organization

One of the unique things about the challenges related to integrations is that they affect so much an organization. Some are technical, some non-technical. Some pop up while building integrations, others while configuring and deploying them, and still others while supporting them. This leads to a complex web of team members involved throughout the process.

So we've made Prismatic a solution for the whole organization, throughout the whole integration lifecycle.

Reduce your integration effort and streamline the integration life cycle across all departments, reducing R&D burden. Onboard customers faster and empower them with access to integration tools that reduce support.

Developer friendly

Software developers are the lifeblood of any software company. So when we set out to build the best platform for building, deploying, and supporting B2B software integrations, we focused on developers first.

While much of the platform reduces the workload on developers by empowering other team members, it can only reach its full potential when development teams are able to harness its full power.

We've put a significant focus on dev tools, including our API, CLI, and various libraries, to ensure that you can easily interact with and automate anything in the platform. We've also built in a great deal of flexibility and extensibility, to ensure that you never end up with a tool that falls short – even in the messy real world that sometimes comes with integrations.

Finally, we've made sure that Prismatic fits into your existing software development processes rather than the other way around. Tools like our API and CLI provide the best possible experience fitting Prismatic into your existing CI/CD, source control, and unit testing workflows and toolchain.

Learn more by checking out our docs.

What's next?

With the launch of our private beta, we're beginning to invite early customers to use Prismatic today. With the help of these customers as partners, we'll continue enhancing and refining Prismatic and drive toward a full launch of the platform later this year.

We're more passionate than ever about helping B2B software companies build, deploy, and support integrations and are excited to keep building Prismatic into a company and platform that does just that.

About Prismatic

Prismatic, the world's most versatile embedded iPaaS, helps B2B SaaS teams launch powerful product integrations up to 8x faster. The industry-leading platform provides a comprehensive toolset so teams can build integrations fast, deploy and support them at scale, and embed them in their products so customers can self-serve. It encompasses both low-code and code-native building experiences, pre-built app connectors, deployment and support tooling, and an embedded integration marketplace. From startups to Fortune 100, B2B SaaS companies across a wide range of verticals and many countries rely on Prismatic to power their integrations.

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