Respond Faster to Customer & Market Needs

Don't let integrations slow you down. Quickly deliver the integrations demanded by your customers and prospects.

Accelerate your integration delivery

Too often, slow integration delivery is the thing standing between you and getting a product to market, reaching a new segment, saying yes to a prospect, giving a compelling demo, or evolving to meet customer needs.

Prismatic accelerates your ability to provide integrations so you can get where you need to go.

Screenshot of integration instances deployed to customers of a B2B software company.
Screenshot of an intuitive integration designer in an embedded iPaaS platform.

Stop waiting on engineering capacity

Empower non-dev integration builders

Stop waiting on a months-long engineering backlog. Non-devs build integrations quickly by assembling connectors in Prismatic's intuitive low-code designer. Drop in reusable custom connectors that tailor the platform to your product and industry.

Deploy sooner

Your integration logic resides in Prismatic, decoupled from your main code base, so you can deploy integrations when they're ready instead of waiting for your core product releases.

Reuse instead of rebuilding

There's no need to build each integration from scratch.

Integrations built in Prismatic are reusable and highly configurable. Customer-facing teams can easily configure and deploy instances of your integrations for each customer who needs them.

Sometimes you need an integration similar to one you've already built - say, your fifth CRM integration. Just fork it and swap out a connector or two.

product image
Illustration of a purpose-built infrastructure environment for deploying integrations.

Infra's already handled

Standing up integration infrastructure adds a lot of time and complexity. With Prismatic, your integrations run in a purpose-built environment that you don't have to spend time building or maintaining.