May 2024 News and Updates

May 2024 News and Updates

This month, we have multiple ways for you to learn how to provide more value to your customers with your integrations, including build sessions with the Prismatic team and a webinar on how to build a successful integration marketplace for your SaaS product. Read below for more information.

If you are heading to SaaStr Europa in June, be sure to stop by the Prismatic booth to chat with the team. We also have a helpful blog post on common integration patterns and when to use them.


Webinar: 5 keys to building a successful integration marketplace for your SaaS product

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Ready to increase your integration adoption rate? Join us for a conversation on best practices for an integration marketplace. Hear from Manav Sanghvi, Head of Product from First Resonance, and Colton McCormack, Lead Software Engineer from Sisu, as they share insights from their integration marketplace strategies and the benefits their companies are seeing.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How an integration marketplace improves metrics like support volume and retention
  • What you should include to make yours successful
  • How to transition to having an integration marketplace
  • How real examples of SaaS companies' integration marketplaces work

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Schedule your build session with our experts

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We have a few build session times still available. Be sure to secure yours today!

During the build session, our experts will work with you to build integrations to some of our most popular built-in components. Let's get building!

Here are some of our most popular built-in components:

Schedule a build session with our experts here!

Code-native building experience enhancements

CNI updates video capture

Last month we added new features to the code-native building experience!

These enhancements allow you to reference the following from prebuilt or custom components:

  • Triggers
  • Data sources
  • Connections.

This gives devs the ability to build integrations even faster without having to define these items from scratch!

Learn more

Join us at SaaStr Europa in June

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We are excited to sponsor SaaStr Europa in London on June 4 - 5. If you haven't registered, reach out to Libby Stengel for a discount code. Be sure to visit our booth, number #108, to talk all things integrations and see the new code-native building experience in action!

Want to guarantee time with our team? Click here to schedule a time to connect.

See you in London!!

Integration resources

On-demand Recording: Low-Code and Code-Native Methods for Building Integrations

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Interested in seeing our new low-code building experience in action? Watch this 30-minute on-demand recording where Marcus Edgington, VP of Product, and Jake Hagle, Solutions Engineering Manager, show how you can build integrations in low-code and our new code-native building experience.

You'll learn:

  • How Prismatic enables code-native and low-code integrations in a single platform
  • Tips for when to use code-native vs low-code development
  • How an embedded iPaaS can save you massive dev time on integrations even when you build integrations in code

Watch the recording

Common B2B SaaS Integration Patterns and When to Use them

Common B2B SaaS Integrations hero

Regardless of the approach you are taking for building integrations with your B2B product, you'll find that most integrations should fit into a few common patterns. Knowing these patterns will help whether you find yourself in the midst of an integration project, just getting started with building out your API, or in the early days of planning a new SaaS app.

Learn the different patterns

Product News

Connector updates

New connectors

  • Contentful – Manage spaces, environments, organizations and more.
  • Microsoft Intune – Manage users, devices, and applications

Updated connectors

Want expert assistance on these new connectors or your next integration? Schedule a build session with the Prismatic team. We'd love to help!

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