June 2023 News and Updates

June 2023 News and Updates

June is in full swing, and we're here to deliver another packed newsletter.

Thorough requirements gathering is the "measure twice, cut once" of integrations. We're happy to share our list of questions that will help you get integrations right the first time and avoid rework.

And don't miss this gem from our success team: they've compiled their top advice for making it as easy as possible for customers to self-activate integrations in your product.


Prismatic embedded iPaaS marketplace

Enabling Easy Self-Activation

Our Customer Success team created a resource that shares tips for making it easy for your customers to self-activate integrations. By implementing the strategies, you can increase integration adoption and gain valuable insights to improve the integration experience. Read more about this recent recognition and access G2's Spring 2023 Report, which compares embedded integration platforms based on real-user satisfaction ratings.

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Integration Resources

Scribbled proto-notes on paper.

How to Gather Integration Requirements: Questions and Tips

Integrations are hard. Using well-defined requirements to build integrations can speed time to market for your product's integrations, reduce development, deployment, and support costs, and ensure that end users are pleased with the results. Read our post to gain valuable insights and guidance around gathering integration requirements and the standard questions you can ask to speed up the process.

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Product News

Granular config variable and connection input settings

This update enables fine-grained control over config variables and connection inputs in integration settings. Users can now choose between three options: "Customer" for full visibility and edit access, "Embedded" to programmatically set variables without user visibility, and "Organization" to hide variables entirely from customers. This update offers enhanced customization and security for integration configurations.

Securing endpoints with API keys

This feature introduces enhanced endpoint security through API keys. Users can configure endpoints to require API keys as HTTP headers for webhook requests. API keys can be enabled for all flows or selectively for specific flows. Customers can generate their own API keys during instance deployment, or an organization-wide API key can be set for all customer instances. This update provides customizable and robust security options for endpoint configurations.

Multiple instances of one integration in Marketplace

Prismatic embedded iPaaS marketplace

Customers can now deploy multiple instances of an integration through the embedded marketplace. This flexibility allows customers to set up separate instances for different use cases, such as managing multiple Shopify stores. The configuration is done per integration, and customers can easily view and add additional instances through the marketplace interface. This update enhances customization and scalability for integration deployments.

New Connectors

We added some exciting new connectors to our library this past month:

  • Adobe Analytics – Manage Adobe Analytics report suites and generate reports.
  • Airtable – Updated to handle OAuth connections, as API key connections are being deprecated early next year.
  • Algolia – Interact with your Algolia indexes, manage records, and perform search operations in your Algolia account.
  • Clickup – Manage users, projects, and teams in your Clickup workspace.
  • Gusto – Manage payroll, benefits, and human resource within Gusto.
  • Notion – Manage Notion pages, databases, and users.
  • OpenAI – Interact with OpenAI models, including Chat GPT and DALL·E.
  • Postmark – Send emails, manage sender signatures, and analyze email delivery and engagement in your Postmark account.
  • Snowflake – Access and update data in a Snowflake Database.

"With Prismatic, we're able to deliver integrations in far less time while streamlining our engineering effort. Prismatic has given us the ability to more widely build integrations across our teams. It has also allowed our customer-facing teams to handle customer-specific deployment."

Chris Rallis, Director of Software at Raven Industries

About Prismatic

Prismatic, the world's most versatile embedded iPaaS, helps B2B SaaS teams launch powerful product integrations up to 8x faster. The industry-leading platform provides a comprehensive toolset so teams can build integrations fast, deploy and support them at scale, and embed them in their products so customers can self-serve. It encompasses both low-code and code-native building experiences, pre-built app connectors, deployment and support tooling, and an embedded integration marketplace. From startups to Fortune 100, B2B SaaS companies across a wide range of verticals and many countries rely on Prismatic to power their integrations.