March 2024 News and Updates

March 2024 News and Updates

From launching our code-native integration building experience to winning a Proddy Award, this past month has been exciting at Prismatic. Read below to learn how, with our new code-native integration building experience, your devs can write integrations entirely in code with complete flexibility.

We are not slowing down this month either. Next week, we will be at the Chief Product Officer Summit in NYC, and the following week, we'll demo Prismatic during SaaStr's AI day and host our customer Yoti for a webinar showing how they built 70 integrations in 9 months.

As always, be sure to check out our new connector.


Introducing Code-Native Integrations

As you know, last week, we launched our code-native integration building experience! We hope your teams are enjoying exploring this option for building integrations. We know many Prismatic users are very much at home using our low-code integration designer. This new experience gives those of you who are more comfortable writing code an equally great integration building experience.

With our code-native integration SDK, you can:

  • Build integrations completely in code in your favorite IDE
  • Define integration logic how you see fit
  • More easily incorporate integration definitions into your code repository
  • And of course, for many of you, this all means building integrations faster!

Read more about the code-native integration building experience and to see it in action, register for our upcoming webinar.

Chief Product Officer Summit NYC

Next week, we are heading to NYC for the Chief Product Officer Summit as a sponsor. If you are attending, be sure to stop by Booth #9 to see live demonstrations of the Prismatic platform, including our new code-native integration building experience.

You can still register for the show and receive a 20% discount via this link.

Our team of experts will be there to talk all things integrations.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Prismatic Wins 2024 Proddy Award in the Integration Product Category

Proddy Awards splash

We are pleased to announce that Prismatic has won a Proddy award for our embedded integration platform! We've been selected as a top Integration Product. Proddys are awarded to products that are useful to product managers and product teams in categories such as roadmapping, analytics, and product adoption platforms.

Thank you to the ProductSchool community for highlighting the immense value our embedded iPaaS brings to product teams.

Read more about the award

Join Prismatic for SaaStr's AI Day on March 27

SaaStr AI Day splash with Marcus Edgington

Join Prismatic's VP of Product, Marcus Edgington, for his session at SaaStr's AI Day on using product integrations to enhance your AI capabilities. When you register, be sure to add Marcus' session to your agenda.

Webinar: How Yoti Built 70 Integrations in 9 Months

Yoti webinar splash

In this webinar, Yoti's Director of Engineering, Alttaf Hussain, will share the story of how his team built 70 integrations to other apps their customers use in 9 months, a task that usually would take years to complete, by leveraging an embedded iPaaS. Alttaf, along with Prismatic VP of Product Marcus Edgington and VP of Customer Success Libby Stengel, will discuss why embedded iPaaS is the key to building an integration strategy that increases time to value, improves customer experience, and reduces time spent on integrations.

Our panel of experts will discuss:

  • How SaaS app proliferation drives the need for more integrations
  • The value of integrations and how they fit into your SaaS strategy
  • How Yoti was able to scale integration delivery
  • How Yoti showcases their integrations to customers and prospects
  • The success Yoti has seen since implementing embedded iPaaS

If you can't attend, be sure to register so you will receive the recording.

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Webinar: Low-Code and Code-Native Methods for Building Integrations

Code-native webinar splash

Join Marcus Edgington, VP of Product, and Jake Hagle, Solutions Engineering Manager, as they show how you can level up your product integration strategy with the versatility of both low-code and code-native building options.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How Prismatic enables code-native and low-code integrations in a single platform
  • Tips for when to use code-native vs low-code development
  • How an embedded iPaaS can save you massive dev time on integrations EVEN IF you build integrations in code

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Integration resources

Integrations trends hero

The world of software integrations has evolved a lot. As the integration space matures and changes, here are five trends to consider:

  1. The proliferation of SaaS apps will continue to drive the need for more integrations
  2. Integrations provided by SaaS apps out of the box will increase
  3. Integration solutions will continue to evolve to serve specific needs
  4. Integration solutions will need to support low-code and high-code development
  5. AI will play an increasing role in solving the integration puzzle

Read more about each trend

Common B2B SaaS Integration Patterns and When to Use Them

Common B2B SaaS integrations pattern hero

Knowing these patterns will help whether you find yourself in the midst of an integration project, just getting started with building out your API, or in the early days of planning a new SaaS app.

Learn the patterns

Product News

Connector updates

We are continuously adding to and updating our connector library. Check out the connector we've recently added:

  • Aspose – Create, edit, process, and convert file formats from several languages, and several platforms.

We've also made feature enhancements for the following connectors:

  • Dropbox – Added actions for locking/unlocking files and providing shareable links to Dropbox files and folders
  • Hubspot – Added actions for managing engagements, importing/exporting CRM Data, and searching
  • Monday – Updated Monday API actions to the 2024-01 version of the API
  • Salesforce – Added actions to support the Salesforce Bulk API queries and for the Composite API to manage high capacity calls and mitigate rate limiting
  • Shopify – Added actions for Fulfillments Services and Enhanced Lists to support improved pagination
  • Slack – Added searching actions

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