June 2024 News and Updates

June 2024 News and Updates

Last month we launched our on-prem agent, which allows you to connect your integrations to resources that are on private networks or behind firewalls. Interested in learning more? Check out this article or schedule time with our team.

Speaking of security, be sure to check out our new guide to integration security. You'll learn about the importance of integration security, risks, and best practices.

Did you miss the webinar with Colton McCormack from Sisu and Manav Sanghvi from First Resonance talking about how they implemented integration marketplaces with Prismatic? You can now watch the recording.

We also launched a few new connectors including Databricks, Bynder, and ServiceDesk Plus.


Introducing on-prem agent

Last month, we launched our on-prem agent, which allows teams to build integrations that connect with locally hosted databases or applications.

Whether you operate in data-sensitive industries, or your customers prefer to host their data and applications locally, our on-prem agent ensures you can establish secure connections to those sources and build the integrations your customers need.

Devs will also be able to create custom components to support on-prem connectivity, giving teams added flexibility when building integrations.

If you are interested in adding our on-prem agent to your Prismatic account, schedule time with our team.

The Guide to Integration Security for B2B SaaS

Integration security banner

SaaS product integrations come with security vulnerabilities baked in. This guide will help you whether you're preparing to build your product's first integrations, are reexamining your existing integration strategy through a security lens, or are considering implementing an embedded integration platform (embedded iPaaS) to accelerate your integration roadmap.

Learn about the importance of integration security, threats, and best practices.

Access the guide

Let's build your next custom component together.

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Beyond our extensive built-in component library, you can also deploy your own code in the form of reusable custom components or short code component steps. Schedule time with our team to walk through building and deploying custom components.

Let's get building together!

Integration resources

5 keys integration markeplace webinar banner

Ready to increase your integration adoption rates? Listen to Manav Sanghvi, Head of Product from First Resonance, and Colton McCormack, Lead Software Engineer from Sisu, as they share insights from their integration marketplace strategies and the benefits their companies are seeing.

In this on-demand webinar, we cover:

  • How an integration marketplace improves metrics like support volume and retention
  • What you should include to make yours successful
  • How to transition to having an integration marketplace
  • Real examples of SaaS companies' integration marketplaces

Watch the recording

The benefits of multiple Prismatic tenants

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Prismatic offers multiple regions for building and deploying your integrations. We refer to the organization environments created in these regions as "tenants." Your company can have multiple tenants across multiple regions, each potentially associated with a different set of admin credentials or Prismatic URLs.

We strongly encourage our customers to use multiple tenants to adhere to software development best practices and to meet the demands of international data and privacy regulations. Using multiple tenants allows your team to work inside an isolated, development-focused environment while designing, building, and rigorously testing your integrations, without the risk of manipulating production-level data or breaking existing integrations.

It's not uncommon for an integration to go through dozens of iterations before going live, and containing those incremental changes to one dev tenant can help your developers stay organized and focused on delivering innovation. When your dev work is complete and you're ready to publish the changes to a staging environment for testing or to a production tenant for live customer use, Prismatic offers easy YAML-based import/export options to sync your work across tenants.

Choosing multiple tenants across geographic regions can help meet the demands of international data regulations like GDPR; provide faster connections between your app, your developers, and Prismatic; and satisfy specific customer requirements for private cloud deployments or state and federal obligations (via AWS GovCloud). If you're a growing company looking to expand beyond your current geographic region, using tenants in multiple regions is a safe and scalable choice.

In short, use multiple Prismatic tenants to keep your development work isolated, your customer data safe, your developers organized, and your security team at ease . If you have any questions, email support@prismatic.io.

Product News

Component Spotlight: Databricks

component spotlight databricks

Prismatic is proud to announce the release of our newest component, Databricks. This connector will allow you to build integrations that execute SQL queries, manage compute resources, workflow jobs, ML models, and more, positioning your software as a critical piece of your customer's data pipeline.

You can quickly create an integration that syncs sales data between an eCommerce platform, multiple CRMs, and Databricks. Or write a custom component that wraps your API to create a conduit between your platform and Databricks' data lakes, all from Prismatic's flexible and purpose-driven integrations infrastructure. Enable your customers to use the data they generate in your software to connect to and power their data analytics, ML, and AI needs.

Build your Databricks integration today!

In-app docs

You can now search Prismatic's docs from within the web app. This makes it easier to find the information you need while building integrations.

To open up the docs search, click "Help" on the top right of the Prismatic web app and search for the topic you're interested in.

In-apps doc screenshot

Connector updates

New connectors

  • Bynder – Manage assets, collections, campaigns, and more
  • Databricks – Manage compute, workflow jobs, ML models, SQL queries and more
  • Sage 200 – Manage finances, customers, and business insights
  • ServiceDesk Plus – Manage assets, products, and configuration items for integrations

Updated connectors

  • Zendesk – Added the Knowledge and Help Center actions

Want expert assistance on these new connectors or your next integration? Schedule a build session with the Prismatic team. We'd love to help!

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