Productize Your Integrations

Build reusable, configurable integrations that feel like a first-class part of your product.

Treat integrations as products, not services

Integrations are often treated as services, built as "one-offs" to meet a single customer's needs. You waste time building similar integrations over and over. They're difficult to maintain and feel like unpolished bolt-ons to your product.

Prismatic provides everything you need to productize your integrations. Build reusable, configurable integrations that can be easily deployed to many customers, and make them feel like a first-class part of your product.

Screenshot of B2B software company customers with integration instances deployed.

    Reusable and configurable

  • Build once, deploy many times

    Integrations built in Prismatic are reusable, so you can build an integration once and deploy it to every customer who needs it - just like a feature of your core product.

    Design heavily configurable integrations

    Use config variables to design integrations that can behave differently from customer to customer and cleanly handle customer-specific endpoints, credentials, and more.

    Easy deployment experience

    Define a straightforward configuration UX that customers and customer-facing teams use to deploy integrations with just a few clicks. It's as easy as setting up any other feature - no dev involvement required.

    First-class experience for customers

  • Embedded integration marketplace

    Make it easy for customers to explore and discover your integration offerings by embedding an integration marketplace as part of your product.

    Easy self-activation

    If you choose, customers can use the portal to self-activate and configure integrations. THe simple deployment experience makes your integrations feel like a first-class product experience, with all the configurability and polish of a core product feature.

    Feels like part of your product

    Customize design elements and branding to ensure embedded functionality matches your application. The first-class integration experience feels like a natural part of your product, and customers won't know Prismatic is there.

Illustration showing an embedded integration marketplace for B2B software customers.