Productize Your Integrations

Build reusable, configurable integrations and provide a native integration experience to your customers.

Treat integrations as products, not services

Integrations are often treated as services, built as "one-offs" to meet a single customer's needs. You waste time building similar integrations over and over. They're difficult to maintain and feel like unpolished product bolt-ons.

Our embedded iPaaS provides everything you need to productize your integrations. Build reusable, configurable integrations that can be easily deployed to many customers, and make them first-class features of your product.

Screenshot of B2B software company customers with integration instances deployed.
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Reusable and configurable

Build once, deploy many times

Integrations built in Prismatic's embedded integration platform are reusable, so you can build an integration once and deploy it to every customer who needs it – just like a feature of your core product.

Design heavily configurable integrations

Use config variables with a custom config wizard to design integrations that can behave differently from customer to customer and cleanly handle customer-specific endpoints, credentials, and more.

Easy deployment experience

Define a straightforward configuration UX that customers and customer-facing teams use to deploy integrations with just a few clicks. It's as easy as setting up any other feature – no dev involvement required.

Native integration experience

Embedded integration marketplace

Make it easy for customers to explore and discover your integration offerings by embedding an integration marketplace directly within your app.

Easy self-activation

Empower customers to self-activate and configure integrations with just a few clicks. The powerful config capability gives your integrations a first-class UX.

Part of your product

Customize colors, design elements, and branding to ensure embedded functionality matches your product. White-labeling and SSO create a seamless experience, and customers won't know Prismatic is there.

Screenshot of Prismatic's integration marketplace embedded in another app.