Product Teams

Prismatic's embedded iPaaS helps Product teams productize integrations, improve integration UX, and increase upsell and customer retention.

Productize your integrations

Building integrations as one-offs simply doesn’t scale. Don’t waste time building similar integrations over and over.

Instead, use our integration designer to build reusable, configurable integrations that can be easily deployed to many customers, making those integrations a first-class part of your product.

Screenshot of a test being performed in Prismatic's integration designer.
Screenshot of Prismatic's integration marketplace embedded in another app.

Respond faster to customer and market needs

Including integration development in a project can add friction to everything from contracting to support, but it doesn’t need to. Our embedded iPaaS can help you make slow integration delivery a thing of the past.

Don’t wait on engineering, or worry about infrastructure, when you can build integrations for all your customers – and do so in days instead of months.

Give your customers a great integration UX

Use our embedded integration platform to make integrations a first-class part of your product instead of a "when we get to it" service-oriented add-on.

Then, use our embedded marketplace to empower your customers to select, configure, enable, and support their own integrations. And make sure you are building your integrations to be flexible, ensuring that unique customer needs are handled as configuration options instead of being hard-coded.

Screenshot of configuring an integration in an iPaaS for SaaS vendors.

Enhance integration adoption and upsell

If no one knows what integrations you provide, it’s hard to convince prospects and customers to subscribe. But making your integrations visible to customers and prospects via an embedded integration marketplace increases integration adoption.

And, when customers can add new integrations to their subscriptions without ever leaving your product, product upsells can be almost friction-free.

Improve customer retention

Integrations between your app and your customers’ other apps can make your product central to your customers’ workflow and business processes. If customers decide to leave, they’ll need to replace your product and its integrations and modify or replace downstream workflows that depend on those integrations.

By providing native integrations for your customers, you significantly increase the likelihood that they’ll stay with you long-term.

Screenshot showing all integrations for a company.