January 2024 News and Updates

January 2024 News and Updates

With 2024 underway, we are excited to share that we have raised $22 million in Series B funding! This funding will drive enhancements and even more versatility in the ways SaaS teams like yours can build, manage, and embed integrations.

Speaking of enhancements, we also recently enabled early access to our new integration designer experience. Currently, you are able to toggle this experience on and off in the UI, but in the coming weeks, only the new designer functionality will be accessible. Read on for more information on the enhancements you'll receive with the new designer.

Last but not least, we are also thrilled to announce that we achieved 11 badges in the Winter 2024 G2 Reports, including #1 Momentum Leader. We couldn't have done it without all of you, our amazing customers. Thank you!!


Series B Funding to Simplify Integrations for B2B SaaS Companies

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On Wednesday, Jan 17th, we announced we have raised $22 Million in Series B funding led by Five Elms Capital. This new funding will fuel continued innovation and enhancements to our platform. Future updates enabled by this investment will drive even more versatility in the ways you can build, manage, and embed integrations. Stay tuned!

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New integration designer experience

Last month, we enabled early access to our new integration designer experience and we're happy to say we have heard great feedback! We'll fully switch over to this new, more intuitive designer experience in a couple weeks.

If you'd like to check it out before then, just use the "Designer Beta" toggle at the top of the integration designer screen.

Here are just some of the highlights of the new designer:

  1. Streamlined designer canvas that makes better use of space
  2. Panning and zooming so you can move around quickly
  3. A more intuitive experience for adding and configuring integration steps

We'll share more details when we launch the new designer experience – we think you'll love it!

Updated documentation library

Screenshot of updated doc library

We've made getting started and digging deeper in our docs even easier. Your docs experience is now organized around what you do most in Prismatic – build, manage, embed, deploy, and monitor your integrations.

Now and over the next few weeks, you will see more video-based tutorials that guide you through core concepts. We've also made our product change log more accessible so you can track the latest updates.

Check out the docs

Integration resources

How to Prioritize Integrations for Your B2B SaaS Product

Prioritizing integration blog hero

One of the most frequent integration questions we hear from SaaS teams is, "Which integrations should we build first?" Outside of core product development, integration development may be the most important thing you can do to define the future of your product.

In this blog post, we look at strategies for prioritizing your SaaS integrations, including those that will increase your competitive advantage or extend your product's functionality and SAM.

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Product News

Event-based triggers

Are you tired of creating separate flows within Prismatic to set up webhooks? We are too. That's why we've started introducing event-based triggers to our components. These new triggers will take care of webhook setup, execution, and teardown within a single trigger step. For example, the "Project Task Trigger" in the Asana component can automatically trigger a flow when a new task is created in the project without adding any additional flows to your integration. You can learn more about testing with these types of triggers in our documentation.

Event-based triggers have been incorporated into the Asana, Calendly, and Shopify components. Going forward, event-based triggers will be incorporated in new and existing components with APIs that support this functionality. If you are using custom components in your integrations, our component SDK (Spectral) includes the trigger functions necessary for you to create event-based triggers in any components that you build yourself.

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Azure OpenAI or OpenAI – model deprecations

If you are using OpenAI or Azure OpenAI components, we want to make you aware that OpenAI frequently deprecates AI models as they release new ones. The Prismatic Open AI components allow you to define which model you would like to use. It's important that you update the specified model if the one that you are using is planned for deprecation. You can see a list of all planned deprecations here.

Connector updates

We are continuously adding to and updating our connector library. Check out the following list for additions and enhancements:

  • Sage Intacct – Manage invoices, payments, vendors, and more.
  • Salesforce Update – Added composite requests action for sending multiple requests in a single call.
  • Expensify Update – Added export report and download report actions.
  • Google Ads Update – Updated component to version 15 of the Google Ads API.
  • Quickbooks Update – Added upload and download attachment actions.

We've also made webhook feature enhancements for Calendly, Asana, Tableau, and Shopify!

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G2 Badges for Winter 2024

Because of reviews from customers like you, we earned 11 badges in G2's Winter 2024 Report. We could not have done it without your support!

Your G2 reviews help us reach more SaaS teams and keeps extending Prismatic's capabilities. If you'd like to submit a review to G2, you can find the directions here.

We appreciate your support!

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