April 2022 News and Updates

April 2022 News and Updates

We're thrilled to announce we're the first embedded iPaaS on AWS GovCloud! SaaS companies serving public sector customers can leverage the power of our embedded iPaaS, while fulfilling their customers' data-handling requirements.

This month's platform updates include easier configuration and testing of shared endpoints and greater flexibility in how you send data to webhook triggers.

Plus, we have quick tips on webhooks versus API calls, and resources on common integration patterns and optimizing for event-driven integrations.

Product Updates

  • Improved Shared Endpoint Configuration. Instance-specific endpoints and shared endpoints are now easier to configure, test and troubleshoot. Here's the tutorial on Using Shared Webhooks and Preprocess Flows.

  • Using GET HTTP Verb to Invoke Instances. Some third-party apps verify a webhook endpoint with a GET request. Now, Prismatic instance webhook triggers can be invoked using the GET HTTP verb in addition to the POST verb.

  • Sending Data through URL Path. Some popular SaaS applications append URL paths to the webhooks that they're configured to use. You can now reference the URL path in your integration's steps. Check out our Integration Triggers article for more information.

New Components

We're constantly growing Prismatic's component catalog to save you time building integrations. We've recently added:

  • Facebook Marketing: Interact with ads and ad sets in your Facebook Marketing account
  • Google Ads: Manage Google Ad campaigns
  • WooCommerce: Easily manage your customers, orders and products in your WooCommerce platform.

3 Reasons You Should Lean towards Building Webhooks into Your App👇

  1. Speed. Because webhooks are event-driven, they give you real-time synchronization of data from your app to a third-party.

  2. Reusability. Integrations to multiple third-party apps can subscribe to the same types of webhooks, so devs only need to implement webhooks once.

  3. Third-party accessibility. The same webhooks your integrations use can be used by third parties who build integrations with your app.

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Prismatic Becomes the First Embedded iPaaS on AWS GovCloud

Earlier this month, Prismatic announced that its embedded iPaaS is now available on AWS GovCloud.

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Common B2B SaaS Integration Patterns and When to Use Them

Integrations for B2B SaaS generally follow a few common patterns. Learn these patterns to more easily plan your next integration project.

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Optimizing for Event-Driven Integrations

Let's look into the details of event-driven integrations for B2B SaaS. Includes an example of a two-way event-driven integration with Salesforce.

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In case you missed it, check out last month's news.

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