March 2022 News and Updates

March 2022 News and Updates

We're thrilled to announce we've once again been chosen as a High Performer by G2, for both iPaaS and the newly-created Embedded Integration Platform category. Read on to learn more about the differences between the two, and what our customers had to say about their experiences using Prismatic.

We're also bringing you improvements to Prismatic's integration designer and integration marketplace experiences this month. Plus, quick tips on using Prismatic with your favorite alerting system and working with SOAP APIs.

Product Updates

Cloning Flows. If you need to add a flow to an integration that is similar to another flow you've already built, you can clone an existing flow from the flow menu in the integration designer.

Labels & Filtering. Assign labels to your customers, integrations and instances. And, you can use those labels to filter the integrations you show in your embedded marketplace to make certain categories visible to users or customers.

New Components. We're constantly growing Prismatic's component catalog to save you time building integrations. We've recently added:

  • Collection Tools: Perform common operations on collections
  • Microsoft OneDrive: Interact with files and drives inside Microsoft OneDrive

Integration Marketplace: What It Is and Why Your B2B SaaS Needs One

This comprehensive guide walks you through everything you need to know about adding an integration marketplace to your product, including:

  • Why integration marketplaces are a best practice for B2B SaaS
  • Criteria to successfully evaluate an integration marketplace
  • Benefits for both your customers & your company

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Use Prismatic with your favorite message or alerting system👇

  1. Create an alert webhook in Prismatic, and enter where you would like to send alerts, like Slack or PagerDuty, and what format the payload should take. You can template in values for the alert monitor's URL, instance name, and more.

  2. Decide what events should trigger an alert, and configure an alert monitor to send alerts to the alert webhook you created.

  3. If a third-party service goes down, and your integration fails to run, your team will be notified and can take action!

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G2 High Performer, Spring 2022

Prismatic Is a G2 High Performer in Embedded Integration Platforms and iPaaS

Prismatic's outstanding customer satisfaction ratings have earned it High Performer status in G2's grids for Embedded Integration Platforms and iPaaS.

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Gear on a blue field

SOAP APIs Aren't Scary: What You Should Know Before You Build a SOAP Integration

Integrating with SOAP APIs can be daunting. Let's explore some basic SOAP concepts and tools that make building SOAP integrations easier.

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In case you missed it, check out last month's news.

About Prismatic

Prismatic, the world's most versatile embedded iPaaS, helps B2B SaaS teams launch powerful product integrations up to 8x faster. The industry-leading platform provides a comprehensive toolset so teams can build integrations fast, deploy and support them at scale, and embed them in their products so customers can self-serve. It encompasses both low-code and code-native building experiences, pre-built app connectors, deployment and support tooling, and an embedded integration marketplace. From startups to Fortune 100, B2B SaaS companies across a wide range of verticals and many countries rely on Prismatic to power their integrations.

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