February 2022 News and Updates

February 2022 News and Updates

We're excited to bring you some helpful new resources this month, including a brand-new guide to embedded iPaaS and a great tutorial on steps to take before you start building an integration.

Plus, we have quick tips on turning an OpenAPI spec into a Prismatic custom component, and our website got a redesign this month.

New Components

We're constantly growing Prismatic's component catalog to save you time building integrations. We've recently added:

  • Math: Perform common math operations on numbers or lists of numbers
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: Query, create, update or delete Microsoft Dynamics 365 API records

Turn an OpenAPI spec into a Prismatic custom component👇

  1. Fetch the Open API Spec. Spec files are written in YAML or JSON and usually start with an "openapi" version property. Find the API's spec file and save it.

  2. Create a Prismatic Component. Run "prism components:init" on the spec file to generate a component with actions for each of the API's endpoints.

  3. Build and Publish the Component. Use familiar tools like NPM or Yarn to build and publish your new component.

  4. Add the Component to your Integrations. Add actions from your new component to your integrations so you and your team can interact with the API from Prismatic's low code integration builder.

Integrating multiple versions of an application

Integrating with Multiple Versions of an App

Often, your customers will use both legacy and cloud versions of a third-party application. Thankfully, there's an elegant way to build one integration for both versions, and deploy it to your customers.

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Integrating multiple versions of an application

Building an Integration to Another App: How to Get Started

You've just been tasked with building an integration to a third-party app your customers use – now what? Here are steps to take before you start writing code.

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In case you missed it, check out last month's news.

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