Partnerships Teams

Prismatic's embedded iPaaS helps Partnerships teams bring visibility and value to tech partnerships and get buy-in from Product and Engineering.

Highlight integrations via the marketplace

Turning partner relationships with other software companies into something tangible is often challenging. It can be difficult to move a partnership forward when you lack resources.

An embedded integration platform with an integration marketplace highlights your integrations as visible partner resources and publicly associates your partners' apps with your product.

Screenshot of Prismatic's integration marketplace embedded in another app.
Screenshot of a test being performed in Prismatic's integration designer.

Demonstrate partner value

Once your teams have built partner integrations with the integration designer or via our code-native integrations SDK, your sales team can include those integrations in demos to prospects.

The demo not only shows the increased capability of your product because of the integrations, but it also brings your partners into the conversation very early on in the prospect relationship.

Get Product on board

For partnerships to function well, they need buy-in from crucial parts of your organization. Your product team supports the integration partnerships because our embedded iPaaS lets the team:

  • Productize the integrations
  • Respond faster to customer and market needs
  • Give your customers a great integration UX
  • Enhance integration adoption and product upsell
  • Improve overall customer retention
Screenshot of unit testing a custom connector in VS Code for Prismatic

Bring Engineering as well

It's easier to make a tech partnership work if your engineering team is on board. With our embedded integration platform, devs can:

  • Focus their efforts on your core product
  • Write as much (or as little code) for integrations as you like
  • Incorporate integrations into existing dev processes
  • Offload all the integration infrastructure work to the platform
  • Allow non-devs to handle integration deployment and support