Onboarding Teams

Prismatic's embedded iPaaS helps Onboarding teams empower customers, build integrations, bring in devs only when needed, and more.

Empower customers to self-serve

Use the integration designer that is part of our embedded integration platform to build integrations for your customers.

Once those integrations are built, list them on the integration marketplace and let your customers search, configure, activate, monitor, and even troubleshoot the integrations themselves – saving time for everyone.

Screenshot of a test being performed in Prismatic's integration designer.

Take advantage of low-code designer

With our easy-to-use low-code designer, assemble integrations from pre-built connectors and components. The designer is built for the real world, supporting the auth and connections your customers need.

You don’t need to wait for devs to get to the backlog of integration requests when you can handle them yourself.

Leverage config for unique customer needs

Creating nearly identical copies of the same integration wastes time and effort. Use our integration designer’s powerful configuration wizard to reuse existing integrations for multiple customers.

No need to wait on devs to build nearly-identical versions of the same integration – configure and deploy the integrations yourself as many times as needed.

Screenshot of configuring an integration in an iPaaS for SaaS vendors.
Screenshot of unit testing a custom connector in VS Code for Prismatic

Incorporate dev resources when needed

A low-code designer lets you solve many integration scenarios yourself.

But there are times when low-code tools are not enough. When that happens, devs can use our dev-friendly embedded iPaaS to write whatever code is necessary to complete the integration.