Engineering Teams

Prismatic's embedded iPaaS helps Engineering teams focus on their core product, offload infrastructure work, use current dev processes, and more.

Spend time on your core product

If you spend much time on integrations, you're probably not making needed progress on your core product.

Our embedded integration platform empowers non-devs to build integrations using our flexible low-code integration designer and pre-built connectors to handle auth and many other common functions. Have your non-devs handle most of the integration work and invest dev time where it has the most benefit.

Screenshot of a test being performed in Prismatic's integration designer..
Screenshot of configuring an integration in an embedded iPaaS for SaaS vendors.

Let non-devs handle deployment and support

Not only can your non-devs build most of the integrations, but they can use our embedded iPaaS to deploy and support those integrations for customers.

The learning curve to set up monitoring and alerting within the platform is easy, giving non-devs essential insights into all customers' integrations. Non-devs deploying and fixing integrations means fewer interruptions during your workday.

Write code for integrations when needed

Integrations are hard. Low-code designers for integrations are a huge time-saver, but they have limitations. And a 90% solution isn't a solution at all.

Take advantage of the dev-friendly nature of our embedded integration platform to write code for integrations when it's needed.

Screenshot of unit testing a custom connector in VS Code for Prismatic

Incorporate integrations with existing dev processes

You have enough exceptions with your dev processes today. You shouldn't need to add any more for integrations.

Use our embedded iPaaS in conjunction with your current development processes. Manage integration code in your current source control system and feed the integration log events into your existing monitoring and alerting tools.

Offload infrastructure work

Our embedded iPaaS handles the scalability, security, and performance concerns that come with native integrations. That saves you the effort of standing up all the infrastructure and prevents many issues from happening.

Instead of dedicating engineering resources to your integration infrastructure and fielding additional support tickets, you can rely on us for infrastructure tasks such as monitoring, upgrades, security patches, and redundancy.

Screenshot of configuring an integration in an embedded iPaaS for SaaS vendors.