September 2021 News and Updates

September 2021 News and Updates

We have a lot of exciting product updates to share with you this month!

No two integrations are alike, and a driving principle at Prismatic is giving you the flexibility to handle any integration scenario that comes your way.

This month we've added several new capabilities to give you even more flexibility, like true multi-flow integration support and new options for shared webhook endpoints.

We've also made it easier to collaborate with third-party vendors and added some popular new components, including Shopify and Stripe.

Product Updates

Multiple Flows in Integrations. Integrations can now include multiple flows. This enables you to provide your customers with a complex third-party integration that performs multiple related tasks but is packaged and deployed as a single integration.

Shared Webhook Endpoints. We've added support for shared webhook endpoints. You can now have each flow on each instance use a different endpoint, have each instance use a different endpoint that's shared across all of its flows, or have all instances share the same endpoint.

Improved Third-Party Collaboration. You can now grant third-party users view or edit permissions for only specified integrations, custom components, and customers. This improves your ability to collaborate with third-party vendors on integration development and testing.

Integration Categories and Icons. You can now assign a category and icon to each of your integrations. This helps your team manage and filter integrations and improves the way you present them to customers.

Per-Action Authorization in Components. You can now configure authorization settings per action (as opposed to per component). This is helpful if you are building a component with multiple actions and only some of your actions require authorization.

New Components

We're constantly growing Prismatic's component catalog to save you time building integrations. We've recently added:

  • Airtable: List, create, delete, and update records in an Airtable Base
  • Amazon SES: Send email through Amazon's Simple Email Service (SES)
  • Google Drive: Manage files that are stored in a Google Drive account
  • Google Sheets: Create, read and modify spreadsheets in a Google Drive account
  • Mongo DB: Create, read, update and delete documents inside a NoSQL MongoDB collection
  • Microsoft Power BI: Interact with datasets and data schemas within Microsoft's data visualization and business analytics service
  • MySQL: Query and manage data in a MySQL database
  • Shopify: Interact with Shopify's Access Service API
  • Stripe: Interact with Stripe's payment platform
All the infrastructure

Stop Wasting Time on Infrastructure for Integrations

Spinning up your own integration infrastructure is complex and time-consuming. On the blog, we talk about how Prismatic handles provisioning, patching, and maintenance so you don't have to.

Building an Integration with Multiple Flows

Check out this quickstart to create an integration with multiple flows, including a flow that executes at deploy time.

Syncing Customers in Prismatic

Learn to sync customers from an external system to Prismatic using our GraphQL API.

Shared Webhooks and Preprocess Flows

Learn how to use a shared webhook URL for multiple customers, and route webhook invocations to specific customers and flows.

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