July 2023 News and Updates

July 2023 News and Updates

We are wrapping up July with a lineup of integration resources and updates

In this month's edition, you will find an intriguing post on exploring the world of pricing integrations, and tips rom our Customer Success team on leveling up your integration support using Prismatic's monitoring and alerting functions.

As if that's not enough, we're thrilled to unveil our latest features and connectors, opening up new possibilities for connecting to your customers' other apps.


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How to Price Your B2B SaaS Integrations

Many of our customers have asked us "How do we price integrations?” In our recent post, we'll share the truths we and our customers have learned about pricing integrations including how incorporating integrations into your core product pricing can boost customer satisfaction and simplify your pricing strategy. Read our post to learn how to capture maximum value in exchange for your product with fair, consistent, and customer-friendly pricing.

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Integration Resources

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How to Prioritize Integrations for Your B2B SaaS Product

A common question many B2B SaaS companies have is how to determine the order in which to build integrations for their product. There are three strategies for prioritization: focusing on customer needs, extending product functionality and market reach, and gaining a competitive advantage. Read our post to learn the tactical approaches for handling specific integration scenarios.

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Monitoring Your Customer's Instances

Prismatic offers powerful monitoring and alerting functions to ensure smooth integration operations. With the proper setup, your incident response team stays informed and can proactively address integration issues. If an instance is not running on time, is throwing an error, or is failing to execute, your team can start troubleshooting right away, mitigating the issue's impact.

Alert monitors are customizable, allowing you to select trigger events such as elevated log levels, execution times, or failed executions. These triggers generate alerts, which notify your integration team through email, SMS, or webhooks (using your preferred notification system).

You may want to notify an internal team when an instance fails to run to completion and also notify a group of your customer's users. An alert group is a collection of users to notify and webhooks to invoke when a trigger event occurs. Associate alert groups for your organization users or your customer users to an alert monitor for needed notifications.

Alert monitors combine alert groups and trigger events, tailored to specific instances. By adding an alert monitor to an instance, you specify both the situations that will trigger it and the people and systems that should receive notifications.

Our alerting and monitoring features offer flexibility and configurability, ensuring timely notifications of integration issues and helping to maintain smooth integration operations.

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Product News

New Feature – Linking Execution Replays

Video also available here.

Replays of executions are now linked to the original execution. This makes it easier to query for failed executions, and replay only those executions that don't have a subsequent replay that succeeded.

New Connectors

Here are the latest connectors we have added to our library:

  • Azure Service Bus – Use this connector to connect apps and devices across public and private clouds.
  • Greenhouse – Use the Greenhouse component to connect to the Harvest API for managing Candidate information, User information, Applications, and more.
  • Google Shopping – The Google Content API for Shopping can be used to manage and automate Google Merchant Center account management.
  • Google Cloud BigQuery – The BigQuery connector lets you run analytics over vast amounts of data in near real time.
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Use this connector to create and manage records within the ERP solution's database.
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