April 2021 News and Updates

April 2021 News and Updates

First off, a big thank you to everyone for your support as we announced Prismatic's general availability at the end of March. In case you missed it, you can read the announcement blog post here.

Read on for the latest product updates, resources, and blog posts.

Product Updates

Configure Instances to Run on a Per-Customer Schedule. It's now easier to configure instances of your integrations to run on a unique schedule for each customer.

Intuitive Instance Deployment. Significant improvements have been made to credentials, integration configuration, and instance deployment. Integration builders now have the ability to create an easy-to-use configuration page for customer-facing teams to use when deploying instances.

Persisting Instance State. Small amounts of data (state) can now be stored between instance executions. Prismatic handles several common scenarios for you through the new Persist Data and Process Data components, and you can incorporate state persistence into your custom components.

Terraform Provider. You can now publish Prismatic integrations and custom components using the Prismatic Terraform provider. Incorporate Prismatic into your existing CI/CD pipeline so you can push changes to integrations and custom components automatically.


We've added a Learn Drawer to Prismatic. Click the help icon to access a menu with useful links to docs and videos that take you through Prismatic's major features. You'll find in-app tutorials in Prismatic, too, where you can take a tour of the platform. Then, build your first integration and deploy an instance of your new integration to a customer. Get started for free.

Screenshot showing a sample, reusable, fuel integration

Three Best Practices for Building Reusable Integrations

Here are three best practices for how to build an integration in Prismatic that's reusable and can be configured to handle different customers' needs.

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In case you missed it, check out last month's news.

About Prismatic

Prismatic is the integration platform for B2B software companies. It's the quickest way to build integrations to the other apps your customers use and to add a native integration marketplace to your product. A complete embedded iPaaS solution that empowers your whole organization, Prismatic encompasses an intuitive integration designer, embedded integration marketplace, integration deployment and support, and a purpose-built cloud infrastructure. Prismatic was built in a way developers love and provides the tools to make it perfectly fit the way you build software.

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