Offload Infrastructure Work

Get a first-class integration platform without the effort of building and maintaining infrastructure.

Purpose-built integration infra

Standing up and maintaining integration infrastructure is time-consuming. With Prismatic, your integrations run in a purpose-built environment, making infrastructure a thing you simply don't have to worry about.

Performant and scalable

Prismatic was built using modern technologies and architecture to ensure performance and scalability - no matter how many integrations you run or how often you run them.

Built for security

Integrations present security ramifications that only increase as you connect to more external systems in more ways. Prismatic handles those realities so you don't have to.

Maintenance is handled

A production-level integration platform requires significant maintenance. Prismatic takes care of it all: monitoring, security patches, upgrades, backups, and more.

Illustration of cloud infrastructure in an embedded iPaaS platform.