June 2022 News and Updates

June 2022 News and Updates

We are delighted that G2 has named us a High Performer in its Summer 2022 Grid Report for Embedded Integration Platforms — a new category for G2!

We've added several new components and built additional functionality into the marketplace to give you greater control over UI elements.

Plus, we've added some best practices docs for versioning and HMAC along with posts for webhook HTTP requests and special triggers for tracking integration statuses.

Product Updates

  • Marketplace Configuration. We've added controls with regard to what UI elements display in the marketplace, allowing you to hide certain links and tabs.

  • Access Instance Metadata from an Action. Access additional information about the currently running execution from your custom component including name and ID for the instance, name and ID for the customer, and webhook URLs for all the flows tied to the instance.

New Components

We're constantly growing Prismatic's component catalog to save you time building integrations. We've recently added:

  • DigitalOcean – Manage your Droplets, Kubernetes clusters, and other DigitalOcean services
  • GitHub – Manage users, repositories, licenses, and more on GitHub
  • Hash – Compute hashes of strings using common hash functions
  • Phrase – Manage style-guides, screenshots, locales, and more via this translation management platform for software projects
  • Pipedrive – Manage leads, companies, activities, and more on the Pipedrive platform
  • Rippling – Manage your company's Payroll, Benefits, HR, and IT functions


Want to get the most out of Prismatic? Our Best Practices docs are here to guide you in the right direction. We've recently added new best practice guides for versioning (including components and integrations) and securing data with HMAC.

How to securely validate your webhook payload with HMAC👇

  1. Before jumping into HMAC, let's talk hashing. Hash functions are "one way," meaning that when something like a string is converted to an alphanumeric hash, it's impossible to figure out the input string that created the hash.
  2. For webhooks, you can hash a payload using your favorite hash function and a "signing secret" only you and the third-party you're integrating with can access. Compute your payload's hash with one of many popular HMAC libraries.
  3. Add the hash as an HTTP header, and send it along with your payload towards your webhook endpoint. The receiving party performs the same hash computation with their "signing secret" to verify that the payload is genuine!

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Anatomy of a Webhook HTTP Request

HTTP:// on a blue background with some lines and shapes

Do you know what makes up a webhook HTTP request? Check out this overview if you are new to the topic.

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Prismatic Named a High Performer in G2 Report for New Embedded Integration Platforms Category

Lines and shapes on a blue background

G2 recognizes Prismatic's top satisfaction ratings in a new category for platforms that help SaaS companies provide native integrations to customers.

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Track Integration Deployments from Trigger Flows

Lines and shaps on a blue background

Do you find it challenging to track integration statuses for your customers? Heres how you can alert your billing and support teams and your app when a customer enables or disables an integration.

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In case you missed it, check out last month's news.

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