Sales Teams

Prismatic's embedded iPaaS helps Sales teams increase win rates, close deals faster, gain more upsell opportunities, and reduce customer churn.

Increase your win rate

Lacking integrations between your product and your prospects' other apps can hurt your win rate.

Use our embedded iPaaS to quickly add native integrations to your product and say, "Yes, we have that" more often.

Screenshot of Prismatic's integration marketplace embedded in another app.
Screenshot of a test being performed in Prismatic's integration designer.

Close deals faster

Reduce your prospects' uncertainty by demonstrating that you have the critical functionality, including integrations, that they need.

Remove possible friction from the sales process by making it clear that you have integrations and can also build new integrations forĀ any integration scenario, no matter how niche or complex.

Gain upsell opportunities

Integrations are the ideal upsell for your SaaS product. They tie into your app directly and provide immediate time-saving value to customers.

Use our embedded integration platform to make those integrations discoverable to your customers and prospects.

Screenshot of configuring an integration in an iPaaS for SaaS vendors.

Reduce customer churn

Use our integration marketplace to give customers a powerful end-to-end integration experience, ensuring that your product and its integrations become central to their business processes.

Make it difficult for your customers to easily replace the value provided by your product, its integrations, and related workflows.