Prismatic's Embedded iPaaS Market Leadership Continues in Winter 2024 G2 Reports

Prismatic's Embedded iPaaS Market Leadership Continues in Winter 2024 G2 Reports

SAN FRANCISCO, December 18, 2023: Prismatic has been named G2's #1 Momentum Leader in Embedded Integration Platforms (embedded iPaaS) for the third consecutive quarter. The platform won eleven total awards in the category across worldwide and regional segments, cementing Prismatic as a clear market leader and innovator. Prismatic's awards in the Winter 2024 G2 Reports include Leader, Momentum Leader, Users Most Likely to Recommend, Best Usability, Easiest Admin, Best Relationship, and Best Support.

G2 recognizes Prismatic's leadership and global market presence

These reports mark Prismatic's sixth consecutive quarter as an embedded iPaaS Leader, fourth quarter as a Momentum Leader, and third as the #1 Momentum Leader, making it the top trending embedded iPaaS.

Prismatic's Momentum Grid Score led the category by a significant margin, reflecting the platform's strong growth trajectory and exceptional user satisfaction.

G2 Winter 2024 Momentum Grid for Embedded Integration Platforms

The Momentum Leader award signifies that Prismatic is "outpacing industry growth by delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of users" and "pushing the boundaries of the market," according to G2.

The new reports also highlight Prismatic's global presence, with High Performer awards in the Europe, EMEA, and Americas Regional Grid Reports.

Product innovation drives usability awards

The platform ranked #1 in G2's Usability Index for Embedded Integration Platforms and earned multiple associated awards, including Best Usability, Best Admin, and Users Most Likely to Recommend.

"As part of providing the most flexible integration solution for B2B SaaS, we're focused on innovations that enable both developers and non-developers to build and manage customer-facing integrations, each in a way that is user-friendly to them," said Marcus Edgington, Director of Product. "The Best Usability award is a great testament to our approach."

Strong customer relationships back an award-winning product

Prismatic also received Best Support and Best Relationship awards, earning scores of 100 in both areas.

Users left comments such as these about their experiences with Prismatic:

  • Prismatic provides a great user experience and phenomenal customer support.
  • Its ease of use, exceptional support, and scalability have directly contributed to the success of our integration projects.
  • The vast options for crafting intuitive integration configurations and customizing workflows are remarkable. Another standout aspect is their support – the Prismatic team is responsive and truly dedicated.

"We're thrilled to see such positive feedback about Prismatic on G2," said Michael Zuercher, CEO. "We'll continue the product innovation and dedication to our customers that have made Prismatic the integration solution of choice for so many B2B SaaS teams."

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