Say Yes More Often with Prismatic's Embedded Integration Designer

Say Yes More Often with Prismatic's Embedded Integration Designer

What do you do with a customer or prospect who needs a one-off, custom integration with your B2B SaaS app? One that none of your other customers need. You're reluctant to spend engineering time to build and maintain it, since you'd rather keep everyone working on integrations that benefit a broad swath of your customers, or on something else entirely.

B2B SaaS companies struggle with answering these requests. In some cases, they've told their prospect or customer it couldn't be done (and maybe lost them as a result). Or they've tied up development resources building these bespoke integrations to win an important deal. The fact that B2B SaaS companies, our customers among them, constantly receive these types of requests made it clear to us that this was a problem we needed to help solve.

Introducing our embedded integration designer

In pursuit of our goal of empowering B2B SaaS companies to provide the ultimate user experience for their customers, we're excited to introduce our embedded integration designer!

Embedded designer puts the power of building integrations into the hands of your customers. When a customer has an integration scenario that doesn't have broad applicability across your customer base, you can now say, "Yes, we have a solution for that."

Here's a quick overview of what the embedded designer entails:

  • Your customers can build their own integrations from directly within your product to connect it to the other apps they use.
  • Customers use the same familiar Prismatic low-code designer your team uses, just white-labeled and themed to fit your product.
  • They can build integrations using pre-built connectors provided by Prismatic as well as custom connectors you create.
  • End users can build integrations from scratch or start from templates that you provide.

This will immediately help you:

  • Make those bespoke integrations feasible for your customers and prospects – especially large or enterprise customers with highly-specific integration needs.
  • Reduce the pressure on your engineering teams to build those unique integrations.
  • Retain customers who would otherwise go elsewhere for a solution.
  • Increase the stickiness of your product as it becomes even more enmeshed with your customers' ecosystems.

Let's see what embedded designer does!

Embedded designer can be set up easily using Prismatic's embedded SDK, which is also used for the embedded marketplace.

By default, every one of your customers has embedded designer disabled. To enable the designer for a given customer, toggle a single field in that customer's account and you are good to go.

Customer detail screen showing how to enable Prismatic's embedded designer

At this point, your customer will have access to your embedded designer, in addition to your marketplace of out-of-the-box integrations. From within the embedded designer, your customer can choose to build an integration from scratch (blank), from a template you've previously set up, or pull YAML code from the clipboard or file as the starting point.

Templates allow you to do things like provide your basic Salesforce integration as a starting point for customers who need a completely custom Salesforce integration.

Screenshot of the new integration splash in Prismatic's embedded designer

Your customer can use any of the components you've made available. These include pre-built components provided by Prismatic (including API connectors, helper, logic, and trigger components) and any custom components you've built expressly for your teams and customers, such as connectors to other common SaaS solutions in your industry.

Screenshot of the connector select drop down in Prismatic's embedded designer

Your customer can then select components and build out all the additional logic needed for the integration using the same functionality your internal teams use to build productized integrations for your marketplace.

Screenshot of the flow in Prismatic's embedded designer

Your customer can then configure and activate the integration – all without handholding from your service, support, or engineering teams.

Screenshot of a config wizard in Prismatic's embedded designer.

And that's everything in a nutshell. With embedded designer, you can help your teams by removing the burden of unnecessary work, while helping your customers by providing them with the tools necessary to build those one-off integrations with your product.

What's next?

We are super excited for you to have access to this new functionality – and for your customers to have control over those bespoke integrations that hasn't been possible until now.

We believe embedded designer is an essential part of today's embedded iPaaS. Together with the embedded marketplace, it creates an end-to-end solution for facilitating the integrations your customers need – from productized integrations deployed to hundreds of customers, to one-of-a-kind integrations needed by a single customer.

We'll continue to invest in our embedded designer to create the best possible experience for you and your customers, and we look forward to sharing updates with you in the weeks and months to come.

If you're already a Prismatic customer and interested in using the embedded designer, reach out to our support team for details and pricing.

If you're not yet a Prismatic customer and would like to learn more, schedule a demo today.

About Prismatic

Prismatic, the world's most versatile embedded iPaaS, helps B2B SaaS teams launch powerful product integrations up to 8x faster. The industry-leading platform provides a comprehensive toolset so teams can build integrations fast, deploy and support them at scale, and embed them in their products so customers can self-serve. It encompasses both low-code and code-native building experiences, pre-built app connectors, deployment and support tooling, and an embedded integration marketplace. From startups to Fortune 100, B2B SaaS companies across a wide range of verticals and many countries rely on Prismatic to power their integrations.

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