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Mergers and Company Growth ft. Michael Zuercher

This week’s podcast features Michael Zuercher from Prismatic. We discuss his past venture, Zuercher Technologies, and how they took on a merger and eventual exit. Erick asks about how their company culture evolves while the company scales. Michael also shares some advice for new entrepreneurs.

Listen to the full interview on Codelation.

About Prismatic

Prismatic is the embedded integration platform for B2B software companies. It's the easiest way to build integrations and provide a first-class integration experience to your customers. A comprehensive solution that empowers the whole organization, Prismatic encompasses a purpose-built cloud infrastructure, an intuitive integration designer, integration deployment and support, and an embeddable customer experience. Prismatic was built in a way developers love and provides the tools to make it perfectly fit the way you build software.

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