January 2021 News and Updates

January 2021 News and Updates

Welcome to 2021! Here at Prismatic, the year's off to a busy start as we prepare for our upcoming general availability launch.

Here's a roundup of the latest from the Prismatic blog. Most recently, we shared some signs that are common among B2B software companies who'd benefit from an integration platform. Take a look and see if any of them hit close to home!

Splash for 6 signs you need an integration platform

B2B Software Companies: 6 Signs You Need an Integration System

Integrating your software product with additional systems your customers use can be difficult. Here's when you should consider leveraging an integration platform.

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Screenshot showing part of flow to handle binary files.

Handling Binary Files in Prismatic Integrations

Processing binary files in integrations is straightforward with a bit of code. In this example, we'll walk through triggering a webhook and processing an image with one of the many Javascript libraries available for image manipulation.

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Engineer with headset working on code on two screens.

How to Connect to Private AWS Resources with SSH Tunnels and Bastion Hosts

Instead of placing sensitive resources in public subnets, use AWS Systems Manager to securely access private resources from anywhere – and restrict who gets into production databases.

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About Prismatic

Prismatic is the integration platform for B2B software companies. It's the quickest way to build integrations to the other apps your customers use and to add a native integration marketplace to your product. A complete embedded iPaaS solution that empowers your whole organization, Prismatic encompasses an intuitive integration designer, embedded integration marketplace, integration deployment and support, and a purpose-built cloud infrastructure. Prismatic was built in a way developers love and provides the tools to make it perfectly fit the way you build software.

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