GitHub Actions: Incorporate Prismatic in Your CI/CD Pipeline

GitHub Actions: Incorporate Prismatic in Your CI/CD Pipeline

I'm pleased to announce that we've released GitHub Actions which make it even easier for your teams to incorporate Prismatic in your existing CI/CD pipeline. This new feature will also allow you to promote code between tenants and regions.

This is the next step in our commitment to building tools that fit your development life cycle.

Watch this video or read on for the details.

Automates your integration publishing process

We've combined Prism CLI (our command-line tool for managing customers, integrations, instances, and custom components) with GitHub actions to perform common CI/CD functions for publishing your integrations and components.

As a result, your integration and component publishing process can use the same kind of workflows and processes that you use for the rest of your software development.

These are the GitHub actions we've created to enable this automation:

Displays source control metadata in Prismatic

You can now view source control metadata directly within the Prismatic integration designer or or, if you're creating code-native integrations, from within your IDE.

With these changes, you can now easily verify that:

  • The component or integration exists in source control.
  • The commit for this version did (or did not) follow the appropriate quality control steps.
  • A particular version of an a component or integration is (or is not) the same as components or integrations that have been deployed to other regions or tenants.

You can also perform diffs against prior versions and versions in other tenants.

Integration designer showing integration versions and links to GitHub

Supports your SDLC

Our GitHub Actions allow you to ensure that integrations and components built with Prismatic follow the SDLC you already have in place.

You can promote integration or component code from dev tenants (dev, staging, etc.) to production tenants. In addition, for those of you who are running Prismatic in multiple regions, you can publish integrations and components between those regions.

Available for GitHub, but can be used for other tools

While our first release of this functionality is explicitly geared toward GitHub, you can also implement this functionality with GitLab, CircleCI, etc. by leveraging Prism CLI and the ability to add SCM metadata to your component and integration versions.

Check out our Prism documentation for more details.

Building tools devs love

This is the latest of many Prismatic features that make Prismatic fit the way you build software. From our SDKs for code-native integrations and custom components, to our robust API, to our streaming logs, and more – Prismatic helps you build integrations the way that work best for you.

I want to say "Thank you" to those of you who helped us expand our platform's functionality to provide even more flexibility for your teams as they build, deploy, and manage integrations.

Contact us for more details on how we can help you deliver integrations using tools that fit the way you build software.

About Prismatic

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