4 Reasons You Should Connect With Us At SaaStr

4 Reasons You Should Connect With Us At SaaStr

Heading to SaaStr Annual this year? So are we! SaaStr is the world's largest gathering of the cloud and the biggest celebration of all things SaaS. This year, it's held in the SF Bay Area from September 13-15.

You'll find the Prismatic team as a sponsor at Booth #166. Or, catch up with us throughout the festival, sharing our knowledge and learning from others during the incredible sessions.

Here's our top four reasons for why we should connect at this year's gathering:

Reason #1: You'll learn from SaaS experts

We've helped product and dev teams from across the SaaS world solve all kinds of integration problems.

How can we spend less dev time on integrations? How should we handle different customers' configurations? Is there any way to bring sanity to this mess of third-party APIs and non-standard auth? What's the best way to price integrations?

Bring your questions, and sign up for a braindate with one of our experts:

Reason #2: We'll help you scale faster

We all know the ways integrations can be a hurdle in scaling your SaaS. You lose deals over missing integrations, they're time consuming to build and support, and can totally derail your product roadmap.

Our embedded integration platform (embedded iPaaS) helps SaaS teams launch powerful, configurable integrations fast and stand up an in-app integration marketplace so customers can self-serve.

We'll have our platform on display throughout SaaStr. Visit us any time for a 3-minute live demo to see how it can accelerate your integrations!

Reason #3: You'll teach us something

We're enhancing Prismatic every day with a roadmap our customers are excited about.

Conversations with people like you give us some of our best insights about what we can build next to make integrations easier.

We'd love to learn things like:

  • How many integrations are on your roadmap today? How long does it take you to build each one?
  • What percentage of your devs' integration time goes to the initial build versus maintenance and support?
  • What's your biggest roadblock in delivering great integrations to your customers?

Reason #4: We'll all laugh and swap stories

It's nice to know you're not the only one pulling your hair out over mile-long integration backlogs, 2 a.m. integration emergencies, or the "unique" ways third-party apps do auth. 🤨

Every SaaS team has crazy integration headaches, and we're compiling the best of the worst!

Come tell us your favorite integration horror story. We'll share a good laugh and enter you for a chance to win some awesome swag.

Let's connect!

The future will demand more and better integrations as software ecosystems expand and SaaS users expect seamless connectivity.

Prismatic customers build integrations faster, create a better UX, achieve higher win rates, onboard customers faster, and reduce churn. We hope SaaStr will help us bring those wins to more SaaS teams.

Whether you're just getting started with integrations or you're looking for a better way, let's have a conversation.

About Prismatic

Prismatic, the world's most versatile embedded iPaaS, helps B2B SaaS teams launch powerful product integrations up to 8x faster. The industry-leading platform provides a comprehensive toolset so teams can build integrations fast, deploy and support them at scale, and embed them in their products so customers can self-serve. It encompasses both low-code and code-native building experiences, pre-built app connectors, deployment and support tooling, and an embedded integration marketplace. From startups to Fortune 100, B2B SaaS companies across a wide range of verticals and many countries rely on Prismatic to power their integrations.