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Technical Best Practices

Build on a modern, purpose-built, cloud-based platform as a service that facilitates technical best practices for building, deploying, and supporting integrations.

    Build on a modern, cloud-based platform

  • B2B SaaS Providers

    Base your integration strategy on a modern, cloud-based integration platform.

    Legacy or On-Premise B2B Software Providers

    Prismatic moves you forward - whether you're looking for a modern and cloud-based way to implement your next integration or tackling your integration strategy as part of a large-scale modernization initiative.

Apply consistent processes

Integrations are too often written as wildly varied "one-offs." Prismatic gives you a single framework for the full array of integrations you need to build - no matter the protocol, data format, vertical niche, or level of complexity.

Bring consistency to:

Improve efficiency and maintainability

It's inefficient and error-prone to repeatedly write similar code from scratch. Prismatic's integration designer helps you reduce and reuse code.

Built-in components provide no-code handling for operations like inputs, outputs, transformations, data mapping, connecting to third-party applications, and more.

A custom component library allows creating your own components. They're added to your component catalog so you can reuse them in multiple integrations.

    Separate integration logic

  • With traditional methods

    Integration logic is mixed in throughout your application code. Over time, your core product becomes a mess of changes made to satisfy integration requirements.

    With Prismatic

    Integration logic is housed separately from your core product. This makes both core product and integration code easier to maintain.

Test every integration

Industry best practices for testing tend to fall apart with integrations.

Prismatic's testing framework makes it easy to test every integration while you build, with testing tools built right into the integration designer. Perform test runs and inspect inputs/outputs for each step of your integration. Iterate quickly and ensure everything is right before you deploy.