Legacy or On-Premise B2B Software Companies

Spend less time on integrations. Modernize with a cloud-based infrastructure, low-code designer, and self-serve integration marketplace.

Providing integrations to your customers is hard

They take too much engineering time, cut into core product innovation, slow sales, delay customer onboarding, and require a lot of work to support. And it often gets worse as you scale.

Prismatic is a complete integration solution for on-prem or legacy software companies. Modernize your integration strategy and get an easier way to build, deploy, and support the integrations your customers need.

Illustration of legacy software team working with an integration platform for ISVs.
Screen shot of on-premise software integrations in an iPaaS for ISVs.

Modernize with a cloud-based integration platform for ISVs

If you're looking to implement your next integrations in a modern way, a cloud-based integration platform (iPaaS) for ISVs lets you get going right now. Skip the time and cost of building new integration tools and systems in-house.

If you're undertaking a large-scale modernization effort, integrations are an ideal starting place. Prismatic separates integration logic from your core product code and moves it to the cloud.

Build integrations faster

Intuitive low-code designer

Stop waiting for engineering capacity to build integrations. With Prismatic, non-developers build integrations by assembling components in a low-code designer.

Tailored for your product

"Low code" doesn't mean "inflexible." Your devs can easily write reusable custom connectors to handle industry-specific logic or niche connectors.

Infrastructure is handled

Don't spend time standing up infra to run integrations. Your customers' integrations run in Prismatic's purpose-built cloud environment, designed for scalability, security, and performance.

product image

Productize your integrations

Integrations built in Prismatic are reusable and highly configurable. Once you've built an integration, it's available for any customer who needs it - just like a core product feature.

Embed an integration marketplace

Increase integration adoption and reduce your support workload by embedding a modern, white-labeled customer integration experience in your product. Customers can:

  • Browse your integration offerings in a sleek integration marketplace
  • Configure and activate the integrations they want
  • Manage their own auth credentials for third-party apps
  • Keep tabs on their integrations with logs, monitors, and alerts
Screenshot of Prismatic's integration marketplace embedded in another app.
Screenshot of configuring an integration in an iPaaS for ISV.

Easily manage integrations at scale

Prismatic's simple management environment gives customer-facing teams powerful tools to manage customer integrations at scale, so engineering can stay focused on core product. Prismatic provides:

  • A simple UX for configuring and deploying integrations for customers
  • Detailed info about each customer’s integration setup
  • Powerful logging and alerting so you can provide fast, proactive support