Ecosystem Effect

Increase product value and stickiness, and turn your product into customers' ecosystem of choice.

The trend toward software ecosystems

Businesses are using more software applications than ever before. Many workflows require users to engage with multiple applications in order to complete a process from end to end.

As a result, businesses are thinking more and more in terms of connected technology ecosystems. This increases demand for interoperability and integrations.

Reduce the cost of adding integration value

Integrations create better customer experiences and increase the value of your product, but they're time-consuming and expensive to build.

Prismatic drastically reduces the effort and cost of providing integrations with an integration designer, pre-built components, and built-in tools for testing and customer deployment management. Unlock the experiences and value-add integrations can offer.

Increase stickiness and reduce churn

The more connected your product is to customers' broader ecosystems, the stickier it becomes.

It's one thing for a business customer to replace a standalone product with another similar offering, but a much heavier lift to replace a product that serves as a hub of their ecosystem, provides connected experiences, and unlocks previously siloed data.

Make your system the ecosystem of choice

Embed Prismatic's white-labeled integration app store directly into your product to make your system customers' ecosystem of choice.

Customers can explore and discover your integration offerings, increasing add-on sales and system value.

Your app store highlights your commitment to integration and ability to adapt to future changes in customers' tech stacks.