Customer Self-Service

Empower customers with self-service tools and reduce your support workload.

Embeddable customer integration portal

Provide key customer personnel with self-service tools through a white-labeled customer integration portal. Embed the portal directly into your product, under your own branding, with minimal engineering effort.

Customers stay in the loop, and you field fewer support calls. An integration app store lets customers explore your integration offerings.

Access to logs and documentation

Provide customers with access to integration logs and documentation, and they'll answer many of their own questions:

  • Is my integration up and running?
  • When did it last run?
  • Were any records transmitted?
  • Which end of my integration seems to be the problem?
  • How's this supposed to work?
  • Are there self-service troubleshooting steps?
  • Which vendor should I contact and how?

Configurable customer alerts

No one likes to be in the dark.

Customers can choose to get a heads up with text or email alerts - just like your team gets - when an integration encounters an error or goes longer than usual without being triggered.