B2B SaaS Companies

Quickly build the integrations your customers want. Deliver them in a sleek integration marketplace embedded in your product.

Integrations in B2B SaaS are hard

Integrations eat up dev capacity and slow down core product work. And they often feel like unpolished bolt-ons to your core product rather than a first-class feature.

Prismatic is the embedded integration platform for B2B SaaS companies. Build integrations faster than ever before and let your customers self-serve with a sleek integration marketplace embedded in your product. All with minimal engineering effort.

Illustration of team using an integration platform for B2B SaaS companies.
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Build integrations quickly

Empower non-devs to build integrations

Stop piling integrations onto the dev backlog. Prismatic empowers non-devs to build integrations by assembling connectors in a low-code designer.

Powerful and flexible

When needed, devs build custom connectors that tailor the platform to truly fit your product and industry, so you can build any integration your customers need.

Productized, configurable integrations

Integrations built in Prismatic are reusable and highly configurable. Build an integration once and make it available to all customers who need it - just like a core product feature.

Embed an integration marketplace

Include a first-class integration experience in your product - without having to build it. It’s white-labeled and branded to match your application. Customers can:

  • Browse your integration offerings in a sleek integration marketplace
  • Configure and activate the integrations they want
  • Manage their own auth credentials for third-party apps
  • Keep tabs on their integrations with logs, monitors, and alerts
Screenshot of Prismatic's integration marketplace embedded in another app.
Screenshot of configuring an integration in an iPaaS for SaaS vendors.

Easily manage integrations at scale

Prismatic gives customer-facing teams everything you need to manage customer integrations at scale, without having to involve dev or DevOps. Prismatic provides:

  • A simple UX for configuring and deploying integrations for customers
  • Detailed info about each customer’s integration setup
  • Powerful logging and alerting so you can provide fast, proactive support

Skip the infrastructure hassle

Don't spend time building and maintaining infrastructure for integrations. With Prismatic, your integrations run in a purpose-built environment designed for scalability, security, and performance.

Illustration of a cloud-based infrastructure as part of an integration platform for SaaS companies.