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Provides a component resource. Typically used in conjunction with a prismatic_component_bundle.

Example Usage#

data "prismatic_component_bundle" "example_component" {    bundle_directory = "${path.module}/../components/example-component/dist/"    bundle_path = "${path.module}/../components/bundles/"}
resource "prismatic_component" "example_component" {    bundle_directory = data.prismatic_component_bundle.example_component.bundle_directory    bundle_path = data.prismatic_component_bundle.example_component.bundle_path    signature = data.prismatic_component_bundle.example_component.signature}

Argument Reference#

  • bundle_directory - (Required) The directory containing a compiled Prismatic component.
  • bundle_path - (Required) The path of a component package.
  • signature - (Required) The signature hash of the component package.

Attributes Reference#

In addition to the arguments above, the following attributes are exported:

  • id - The base64-encoded ID of the published component.
  • key - The component's unique key, defined in the component's code.
  • label - The component's name, defined in the component's code.
  • description - A description of what the component does, defined in the component's code.