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Spectral 4.x Upgrade Guide

Spectral 4.x introduces the ability to write component-specific triggers. This version is purely additive, so very few changes to your code need to occur.

To start, update @prismatic-io/spectral to ^4.0.6 in your package.json file and then run npm install or yarn install:

{  "dependencies": {    "@prismatic-io/spectral": "^4.0.6"  }}

Next, optionally write some triggers and add those triggers to your component definition:

export default component({  key: "sampleComponent",  public: false,  display: {    label: "Sample Component",    description: "sampleComponent",    iconPath: "icon.png",  },  actions: { myAction1, myAction2, myAction3 },  triggers: { myTrigger1, myTrigger2 },});