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Spectral 3.x Upgrade Guide

Some changes were made between Spectral 2.x and Spectral 3.x to allow component developers to specify authorization methods (Basic Auth, OAuth2, etc.) at the action level (rather than at the component level). Let's look at this change, and how to go about upgrading a component from Spectral 2.x to Spectral 3.x.

To start, update @prismatic-io/spectral to ^3.0.0 in your package.json file and then run npm install or yarn install:

{  "dependencies": {    "@prismatic-io/spectral": "^3.0.0"  }}

Next, remove the authorization block from your component definition:

export default component({  key: "sampleComponent",  public: false,  display: {    label: "Sample Component",    description: "sampleComponent",    iconPath: "icon.png",  },  actions: { myAction },  authorization: {    required: true,    methods: ["basic", "api_key"],  }});

Finally, add an authorization block to any action definition that requires credentials:

export const myAction = action({  display: {    label: "My Action",    description: "This is my action",  },  perform: async ({ credential }, { myInput }) => {    // Do something with the credential ...  },  inputs: { myInput: myInputField },  authorization: {    required: true,    methods: ["basic", "api_key"],  }});