Step 1: Setting Up

What you will accomplish

In this tutorial you will register for a Prismatic account, create your organization, and optionally install the Prismatic CLI tool, prism.

Sign Up

You can sign up to trial Prismatic software for free (no credit card required). Visit the web app to create an account. An organization representing your software company is created when you register, and your user is configured to be the owner of your organization (this can be changed later).

Make sure to check your email after you create an account to verify your email address.


To add users to an existing organization instead, please ask the managers of your organization to create an account for you. See users.

Install the Prismatic CLI tool

The Prismatic web app has all of the features you need to build, deploy, and support integrations for your customers. It's possible to be a Prismatic user and only use the web app. However, we've found that developers tend to like working in a terminal and automating tasks.

So, installing prism is optional, but encouraged for any developer user of Prismatic.

First, install the prism CLI tool from npm:

npm install -g @prismatic-io/prism

Next, authenticate your prism client using the credentials you set up in the previous step. You will be prompted to authenticate in a web browser, and prism will receive an authentication token in the process.

prism login

Next Steps

Now that you have an account, you are ready to create your first integration!

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