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Step 6: Preparing Your Integration for the Integration Marketplace

In this step you'll prepare the integration you created for the integration marketplace. Once the integration has been added to your integration marketplace, your customers can activate it for themselves. The can do that by logging in to Prismatic using customer users, or if you embed the marketplace in your app, they can activate the integration without leaving your app.

Adding a logo#

Integrations in the marketplace look best with a logo. Since this is a Slack integration, it makes sense to use the Slack logo. Right-click this image and click "Save As" to save a copy locally:

Next, open your integration back up and click the image icon to the left of your integration's name. Select the Slack icon you just downloaded to make that the icon for this integration.

Give your integration a category#

Click the Description button at the top of your integration and give your integration a category and description. This will help your customers filter and find your integration easier.

Since this is a Slack integration, a category of "communication" makes sense, but you can choose whatever category you want.

Clean up config variables#

For integrations with few config variables, this may not be necessary, but it's nice to organize required config variables with headers. Click the Config Variables button within your integration again to open the config variables drawer. Add two headers by clicking the + Header button - one for reading "Slack Info" and another reading "Todo App Info". That'll give your customers a more polished configuration experience when they deploy this integration:

You can preview what the config experience will look like by clicking into the TEST RUNNER drawer and selecting the Configuration tab:

Re-publish your integration#

Open the VERSION HISTORY drawer and SAVE & PUBLISH a new version of this integration that includes your config variable and icon changes.

Add your integration to the integration marketplace#

Click Integration Marketplace on the left-hand sidebar and select + Integration.

Select your published integration from this list, and then give your marketplace offering an Overview:

Click UPDATE when you are ready.

Let customers activate this integration#

Now, you can either add customer users to Prismatic and let them activate this integration, or you can embed marketplace in your own app so users can seamlessly activate integrations without having to leave your app.

Your integration within an embedded marketplace would look like this:

Clicking on the integration brings customers to a screen with the description and overview you set:

If a customer chooses to activate this integration, their configuration experience looks clean and straight-forward, thanks to the changes you made to the configuration experience (above):

Next Steps#

You are now ready to create your own integrations. Here are a few things we recommend you try next: