Step 4: Deploying Your Integration to Customers

What you will accomplish

In this tutorial you will deploy the integration you created to a customer that you created.

Publish your integration

Integrations are versioned. You need to save a version of your integration that is deployable to customers.

Open the integration you previously created by clicking the Integrations link on the left-hand sidebar, and then clicking on your integration.

Click the Publish button on the top-right of your integration screen. You will be greeted with a modal noting the version of your integration.

Create and deploy an instance for a customer

Click the Customers link on the left-hand sidebar and select the customer you would like to deploy to. Within the customers's page, click + Instance on the top-right. Select the Integration you created, and give the instance a name and description of your choice.

Once your instance has been created, you will be brought to the instance's Status screen. To deploy your instance (making it active), click the Deploy button in the upper-right.

You can now click RUN TEST to verify that your instance works as expected, and sends you a Slack message.

Next steps

The integration you created is now live and active at a customer. You can deploy it to your second customer if you wish.

In the final getting started tutorial, you will add monitoring and alerting to your instances, so you know if something goes wrong.

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