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Consolidate Your Logs

You are probably already using a logging platform like Datadog or New Relic. If so, you understand the benefit of having access to various logs in a single place. You can also configure Prismatic to stream its logs into the same platform alongside the logs from your core application.

Doing this makes it much easier to troubleshoot issues when they occur. For example, an integration fails at 3:02 AM, and you can see an exclusive table lock issue in the application's database that occurred right before that integration failure.

Working with your Prismatic logs through a logging platform also makes it very easy to keep track of things like how often an integration runs and how long it takes a particular integration to run. The data logging platforms usually have a robust dashboard setup that allows you to access your most important stats.

And, even if you are not using a third-party logging platform, Prismatic gives your customer-facing teams easy access to the integration logs.