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CustomerTotalUsageMetricsByDay Object

Represents daily snapshots of total utilization metrics for a Customer. Includes the latest hourly snapshot per day as the daily snapshot.

Return fields#

snapshotTime (DateTime!)#

The time the utilization metrics snapshot was created.

customer (Customer!)#

The Customer for which utilization metrics are being collected.

deployedInstanceCount (Int!)#

The total number of Instances that are deployed.

deployedUniqueIntegrationCount (Int!)#

The total number of unique Integrations that are deployed.

userCount (Int!)#

The total number of Users that currently exist.

id (ID!)#

The ID of the object.

allowUpdate (Boolean!)#

Specifies whether the signed-in User can update the CustomerTotalUsageMetricsByDay.

allowRemove (Boolean!)#

Specifies whether the signed-in User can remove the CustomerTotalUsageMetricsByDay.