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updateIntegration Mutation

Updates the specified Integration object.

Access is permitted when any of the following condition(s) are met: 1. The signed-in User has any of the following permissions for the associated Organization: [org_manage_integrations]. 2. The signed-in User has any of the following permissions for the object: [integration_edit].

Input fields (UpdateIntegrationInput!)#

nameStringThe name of the Integration.
descriptionStringAdditional notes about the Integration.
testConfigVariables[InputInstanceConfigVariable]Config Variables that have been specified for the purposes of testing the Integration.
testPayloadStringData payload for testing this Integration.
testContentTypeStringContent type of the payload for testing this Integration.
starredBooleanIndicates whether the record is starred by the signed-in User.
labels[String]The labels that are associated with the object.
addAttachmentAttachmentInputAdds the specified Attachment to the object.
renameAttachmentAttachmentRenameInputRemoves the specified Attachment from the object.
removeAttachmentAttachmentInputRenames the specified Attachment on the object.
avatarUrlStringThe URL for the avatar image.
idIDThe ID of the Integration to mutate.
clientMutationIdStringA unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.

Return fields (UpdateIntegrationPayload)#

integration (Integration)#
errors ([ErrorType])#
clientMutationId (String)#