Input fields

integrationID!The Integration of which the IntegrationAction is a part.
actionID!The specific Component Action that is being associated to the Integration.
descriptionStringA brief description of the IntegrationAction.
commentsStringAdditional notes about the IntegrationAction.
branches[String]The Conditional Branches that are associated with the Action.
inputs[InputExpression]The collection of Expressions that serve as inputs to the IntegrationAction.
outputs[InputExpression]The collection of Expressions that serve as outputs from the IntegrationAction.
prevStepIDThe IntegrationAction that should precede the newly created IntegrationAction, if any.
slugStringThis field has been replaced by 'name'.
nameStringA string that uniquely identifies the IntegrationAction in the context of the Integration.
clientMutationIdStringA unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.
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